What we do

BABA'S is Malaysia's prefered choice for Curry Mixes and Spice Powders. Our range of over 30 products from Masala Mixes, Pure Spice Powders, Pure Flours, and Staple Food Mixes, to Snack and Sweet Mixes, can be found on almost every retail shelf nationwide, serviced on a weekly-cycle by our own extensive distribution team directly from our Sales branches in every state in Malaysia, and Singapore.

Our extensive reach and rapid visit cycles enable us to ensure a "Freshest On The Shelf" Policy, which guarantees that any product purchased by our customers in Malaysia is never more than 3 months from the date of production. As consumers ourselves, fussy ones at that - we believed that aromas and flavor are of highest importance.

This is what drove us to not only use the finest ingredients from around the world, but develop HALAL certified innovative state-of-the-art production and hygienic packaging techniques that ensure our range of products adhere to the strictest international standards.

A commitment to ensure that non-vegetarian ingredients or any form of flavor enhancers are not used in our products, leaves us relying instead only on the finest grade ingredients being sourced from around the world. This commitment to purity and quality has lead to a range of products that is not just a national and regional favorite - but a quality standard-bearer globally!

Core Values

BABA'S adheres to a strict principle that has never diverted from its humble beginning; to provide its customers the best products made from finest quality ingredients, at the best possible prices.

Company Vision

To be the trusted brand of domestic divas and professional culinary wizard alike, seeking that definitive mouth-watering edge to their menus.

Company Overview

BABA'S is Malaysia's leading curry powder and spice brand, capturing in excess of 60% of Malaysian market. Recent studies have shown at least one in the three main meals consumed by Malaysian daily - contain at least one product from the BABA'S range!

Synonymous with mouth-watering aromas, exquisite taste, the finest grade of ingredients, international production quality and HALAL certified processing standards, the BABA'S range has been accompanying Malaysians to foreign shores for years. Today, BABA'S can be found in North America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, most of Southeast Asia.... and almost every Malaysian kitchen near or far!

Company History

In the late 70s, a young man in his 30s put his lifesavings into a van, and began a mobile sundry shop business servicing the Klang Valley area. His bimonthly visits to residential areas loaded with a vanfull of cooking essentials; from rice to dry spices and condiments, was eagerly awaited by housewives who appreciated membership in his buku 555 and the credit terms that came with it. If there was a request to add something else to his array, not only did he comply but he made it a point to source the best possible at the most affordable price for them.

It was such requests from his customers that led him to develop a special blend of curry powder that catered to his multiracial customers. Developed through trial, error, feedback from his regulars, and his basic principle of providing his customers with the best grade of spices, the product soon engulfed the rest of his business. The BABA'S van had evolved into the BABA'S brand!

Demand was so great that he was forced into production for 4 days of the week, and spending the remaining 3 days selling his products. One special curry powder became two specifically developed for meat dishes and seafood respectively. Today, BABA'S had a range of over 30 products from Masala Mixes, Pure Spice Powders, Pure Flours, and Staple Food Mixes, to Snack and Sweet Mixes; preceived from customer feedback, all developed to the original brand promise of highest quality at the best possible prices!